Simultaneous rotation around multiple axes. 3D animation of mouse colon tumors using blood vessel staining (CD31; red), ECi-based tissue clearing and a LaVision BioTec lightsheet UltraMicroscope II (see also Figure 1). The image volume is rotated around its y-axis (with a higher speed) and around the x-axis of the view (with a lower speed). Only a couple of text lines are required to describe an animation which is hard to achieve with key frame-based animation.
Animated transformation through time. Animation of a growing zebrafish nervous system, imaged on a custom built lightsheet microscope. While the time-lapse progresses, the image volume is spatially transformed. Scale bar 100 µm
Simultaneous pivoting and channel switching. Animation of a mouse paw, imaged on a LaVision BioTec lightsheet UltraMicroscope II. Pivoting is implemented using a macro.
Consecutive zoom-in and scroll-through at different positions. Animation of a mouse paw, imaged on a LaVision BioTec lightsheet UltraMicroscope II.
Macro for parameterized zooming. Animation of a human cornea, imaged on a Zeiss LSM880 NLO 2-photon microscope. The data set is elongated in one dimension. Instead of zooming out during the entire animation, the zoom is adjusted to the rotation to always fill the available movie canvas optimally, using a macro.
Rendering of an MRI image volume of a human head using the BigDataViewer. To demonstrate the extendibility of our framework, we wrote an adapter for Fiji’s BigDataViewer.
Rendering of an organoid from the mouse intestine in an artificial laboratory environment. To demonstrate extendibility of our framework, we wrote an adapter that uses POV-Ray, a software for photorealistic rendering, instead of the integrated 3D renderer.
Composing an animation. This screencast demonstrates how the animation of the human cornea is built up and highlights the auto-completion features of the Animation Editor. A detailed step-by-step description is also found in the manual.
A dedicated animation editor, based on Fiji's script editor, facilitates the composition of the animation description with auto-completion and recording capabilities.
The dedicated animation editor can record different rendering states and automatically create the description text to transition between them.